Hope Mead has explored the interaction between spirit and form all her life. She has helped others explore this interaction for over 30 years through: photography, body work, song writing, dance, writing, film making, being a birth coach, being a death coach and being a mother.

Hope knows first hand of the radically different realities available. She has this knowledge from many sources, including her experience with a Shamanic Studies program where she lived with a polygamous tribe in Liberia, West Africa, working with Dr. John Lily in isolation (sensory deprivation) tanks, meditation, a camel driver in Israel who wanted to trade his camel for her, and now, she is being able to share visions of etheric realities with everyone through her work in interdimensional photography. Hope has her B.A. in Arts and Media Technology. She is a certified massage therapist and reflexologist, and a songwriter whose songs have been heard on national television.

Randy Mead has a Masters Degree in Arts and Media Technology. His thesis was on Just Intonation (based on sacred geometric ratios of frequency relationships) and psycho-acoustics (the relationship of sound and music to human feelings, emotions, and states of being.)

Randy has worked as a recording engineer and producer, media consultant, sound designer, composer and performing soloist, and as a music teacher and performance coach. He plays flutes, saxophone, recorders & early winds, piano, and synthesizer. He has been part of the David Michael Randy Mead Harp & Flute Duo for over 20 years with a large catalog of recordings (see the link on the music page). His music has appeared on major television networks, and has been used for Airline in-flight music programs. He has had a lifetime interest in spirituality starting with a Yoga and Meditation practice as a child.

Hope & Randy met at college and collaborated on a program they called TAP, the Transformative Arts Progect. Their original vision was to combine their talents and skills to create an environment where all the senses were used to promote healing.

They have been married for 25 years and have raised two children. They enjoy working with each other on artistic projects and live in a cedar forest in a straw bale house they built.

Hope and Randy are in the process of remaking their film, Orbs: the Veil is Lifting.