Did you know that your birth chart is a roadmap to assist you in your journey through life? The ancient art of astrology has been used for centuries as a guide to better understand ourselves and others. It can also help us to understand the timing of events in our lives, as well as gain insight into their significance in our spiritual evolution on this planet. This understanding puts our lives in cosmic perspective and helps us transcend the melodrama of our daily lives, seeing things from a higher perspective.

Steven "Stargazer" Pack became involved with Astrology and the Tarot in the 1970s and has been a "student of the stars" ever since. He has also studied Mysticism, Yoga, Hypnosis, and many other forms of spirituality. Steve's approach to interpreting your chart is loving and non-judgmental, allowing you to openly embrace your life challenges. He is the founder of the United Mind Workers, a universal nonprofit spiritual organization for world peace and harmony. Steve had his own radio show, " Insight to Action", and is a former President of the Washington State Astrology Association. He also conducts classes and workshops on astrology, tarot, yoga philosophy, and meditation.

Let Stargazer's 25 years of experience in the field of astrology shed some Light on your Path.

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