Music is one of the most powerful tools for vibrational healing and personal transformation. We recommend making music with your friends and family, toning, chanting, singing, drumming, ringing bells, playing flutes, or kazoos, as the ultimate sound therapy. There is no wrong, just joyful sound. We hope to offer hand picked Tibetan Bells and Tingshaws soon.

Here are some carefully crafted recordings that have been selected for their healing attributes.

This recording with Flute and Tibetan Bells is conceived for maximum healing. A palate of 144 harmonic tones (12 perfect ratios for each key) is used to gradually raise the energy in an ascending spiral. The music is very spacious, perfect for massage, yoga, or meditation. The audio has been seeded with Quantum Data Fields to align the chakras, balance the aura, and generally tune up the subtle energy and biofield systems of the human being. Click here to hear a 1 minute excerpt.

David Michael and Randy Mead, very uplifting and mysterious. Features flute, harp, guitar, and piano.


This is a deeply relaxing title with a timeless sound of harp & flute, a favorite for massage.


The troubadours follow you home.


More of Randy Mead's recordings with David Michael are available.