Bliss 101

The challenge seems to be to maintain the vibrational field of love even in the face of things that are upsetting or unsettling to our egos. This can be a huge variety of stimulus ranging from events that are genuinely threatening to our safety and well being to small occurrences that just happen to trigger cultural programs relating to security. Joseph Chilton-Pierce in "The Biology of Transcendence" points out that the original point of culture was to pass along information to the young that is related to survival in a hostile environment. Now that we have confused our sacred Dominion of the planet to become complete domination the only hostile environment left is the culture that was designed to protect us. Something is wrong with this picture, the perception of threat by the culture leads to stressed out dysfunctional members, who are a threat. ItÕs a prophecy that dysfunctionally self-fulfills with every new generation. As a global human culture we are our own worst, and only enemy. Everyone experiences joy, love and a host of other very positive emotions, the question is for how long of a cycle. Even the memory of such a feeling can be consciously invoked as an antidote to stress, and as a means of invoking our built in heart and prefrontal lobe brain/mind systems. I am struck by the fact that these neurological networks directly correspond to the 4th and 6th Chakras. Decisions and inspirations coming from a place of balanced joy and bliss are bound to be more creative, intuitive, and effective. I am realizing the fact that my attitude and emotional state can be kept limber, open, and toned just like my body. In the same way that a regular hatha yoga practice keeps my body from feeling stiff and achy, a regular conscious cultivation of bliss through meditation, music, ecstatic dance, tantra, etc. can keep my heart and third eye in good shape. This doesnÕt mean, just like in the body, that I never suffer any discomfort or imbalance, but I am simply more resilient, and supple and less likely to cramp. This realization acts as an inspiration and I just want to get stronger and more flexible. I re-read Starseed the 3rd Millennium by Ken Karey and I was really struck by many things. One of the most heartening concrete things that he says is that the vibration of fear is not coherent and only increases in an arithmetic progression as more people become fearful. The vibration of love is coherent and thus through resonance it increases exponentially as more people are brought into the field. This means that only a relatively small percentage of beings on this planet are needed to hold the field of a higher vibration. I found this very comforting, now I doesnÕt feel discouraged so easily because the thought of needing a majority of enlightened beings in some sort of global spiritual democracy is a bit daunting. I do feel however that the more humans who can become directly involved with positive energy systems, the smoother the transition. As more people manifest an exponentially expanding field of unconditional love in advance of the global change, less of a shift will be needed, with less of an impact on humanity and the planet. As I re-read other channeled Pleiadian works by Barbara Hand-Clow and Barbara Marciniak, the material starts to make perfect sense to me. What struck me at my first reading years ago as quaint new age metaphor now seems like very accurate descriptions of reality.

My guides tell me that it is not human nature to be messed up, just the nature of our culture to create messed up humans. All we need is one fully conscious generation from conception on to remake the world. Just as James has always pointed out: as my consciousness opens so does my range of experiences.

The incident that is documented in the short web movie started when I was holding the Wands of Horus and looking west. I was consciously reaching out to the sky because I felt a ship, but saw nothing. I didnÕt realize at first that Hope was taking photos because of my profound experience of Bliss pouring out of the western sky. These pictures were taken at 3 second intervals, the energy felt like it was moving in waves, in time with my breath or I was breathing with it. About an hour later I went back outside and within a minute the ship went over at high altitude. While it was happening I said to them Ō ok, youÕre there already, and I feel you but all you are saying to me is Bliss Bliss Bliss, not that IÕm complaing, but isnÕt there something more specific?Ķ What I got back was Ōwelcome to kindergarden: you are designed to operate at this frequency, and untill you get that together there really isnÕt much else to talk about.Ķ This was quite humbling, but also inspiring, and I could certainly feel at that moment just how true it was: we are all designed to operate at that frequency. This is the real work right now.