Orbs are attracted to the vibrations of LOVE and JOY. Once you are aware of them, you can consciously invite them in. They will come. A suggestion to anyone wanting to "Orb Hunt", is to go to a place that feels sacred or joyous. I suggest a church or mission, an outdoor party or celebration, a special place in nature, anywhere love is felt. Try to be with loved ones who have FUN together (having FUN is a prerequisite to finding them). Singing or playing instuments is also a good idea as they are attracted by loving vibrations, and that's what music is all about.

Go either at dusk or when it's already dark (Orbs have been photographed in daylight, even without a flash, but it is rare). Frame the shot so the people are towards the bottom, not much ground, more sky. It definately helps to have a digital camera (although you can get them with regular film), the light spectrum picked up by digital cameras seems to capture them more easily, plus there is no film cost. Also, you get instant feedback that way. (I have used three digital cameras, from very inexpensive to quite sophisticated, and they each pick up different kinds of Orbs.)

Be prepared to shoot all the shots available to you, and to go back several times to cultivate the spot. A small percentage of people see them with the naked eye. Yet it is mostly through the camera as a medium that they can be seen , and through our hearts that they are felt.