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"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"


Throughout time, intuitve members of different cultures have had visionary experiences outside the realm of normal perception. Some have shared these visions through art.

As the Earth raises her vibration (the Schumann resonance), and the veil between dimensions lifts, it is now possible for anyone to create visionary, inter-dimensional art. Images of: Orbs, plasma mist, Fairies, Elementals, Angels, etc. can be captured with cameras & seen with the naked eye. Visions that were once thought to be merely myth are coming into clear view.

All photos by Hope Mead unless otherwise noted

Dances with Orbs Photos by Randy Mead

The mist embodies spiral forms.

He wondered if Orbs where real and was soon answered by this light.

"I feel something high up," said James Gilliland. Is this a Fairy, an Angel, or just a really weird dust speck? The discussion continues.

These girls were dressing up and playing fairy all day at a birthday party. Look at who joined them for the photo-op. Photo courtesy of Mick Ussery.

A very bright young woman.

Photo courtesy of Jodi Gilliland.

After showing the film, Orbs: The Veil is Lifting, everyone wondered, "What if we all chanted Om, would we attract any Orbs?"

Have Your Own Orb Hunt

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Graham Birdsall at the 2003 UFO Congress.

Click here to see a short web movie of Randy Mead holding the Wands of Horus and interacting with energies unseen to the naked eye.

Orbs are everywhere!

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James Gilliland could feel the orbs coming. "Shoot up to my left," he said.