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Transformation of consciousness through

the Live Food Revolution

Making the system more alkaline by diet, lifestyle change, and other strategies has a profound effect on physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Blood purifying herbs have traditionally been used to promote spiritual openings.

The body and biofield are an antennae and when tuned and balanced the human being can receive a huge influx of healing energy from the earth and the cosmos.

There has been an enormous amount of misinformation around the issue of diet.The relentless campaign by the mega-industries of red meat, poultry and diary, coupled with the consensus that we must consume meat and diary to maintain our protein quota, has been part of our North American belief system since childhood.

No matter how much evidence we hear to the contrary, most of us continue to consume red meat, poultry and dairy, even at a risk to our health. This is often because of our addictions to these foods and products. Never before has it been so important to take a closer look at our diet.

Are we committed to developing a healthy relationship with our selves and our planet?

We need to deepen the dialogue with our own bodies, and with our fellow humans and all species with whom we share this imperiled earth.

Even our modest dietary changes can contribute to relieving the suffering and starvation plaguing much of the human family.

For example: it is estimated that if North Americans cut 10% of their animal consumption, the savings in grain, not fed to livestock, could end starvation.

What of the needless suffering of cattle, pigs and poultry? Over 2 billion animals are killed for food in this country each year.

What of our own health? Animal-based foods are related to higher risks of heart disease, cancer, stroke and many other degenerative illnesses. New dangers are continuing to emerge as a result of expedient and unsafe practices in the livestock, poultry and diary industries. Mad Cow disease (BSE) is one of the most recent examples.

What are some viable alternatives to these unsustainable practices? There are food choices that have been shown to promote consciousness, that can assist in deepening our mental alertness, and help us move toward more vibrant health.

An organic live food vegan diet!

Many people eating in this way report feeling more connected with others and with nature. When people consider an organic live food vegan diet, one of the first questions is: "Am I getting enough protein and is it high quality protein? This concern is mostly a result of successful advertising and outreach by the meat, poultry and diary industries which promote some very faulty "science". Most Americans eat too much protein (animal-based) which is in fact toxic to the kidneys, acidifying to the blood, and has no fiber. This creates a situation where there is a proliferation of pathogenic activity, unhealthy bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, excess saturated fats, and a concentration of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Many vegetarians are also not eating a healthy diet. Processed sugar, refined carbohydrates, and too narrow a selection of foods are among the common problems many vegetarians have. So what are we to do? First of all, we might see ourselves as explorers, searching, inquiring, swimming in mine-infested waters.. Everyone is trying to sell us something.

So what is true, what is best for you? Number one: KEEP IT SIMPLE! A potato rather than potato chips, an orange rather than packaged orange juice. Our bodies want food that is alive, dancing with enzymes. Whole, live, organic food is what your body needs to be optimally well. This is the opposite of what manufacturers of processed foods create. They want food that has a long shelf life, dead food, a sort of nonfood disguised as food. If consumed long enough it produces its own embalmed environment! Make it your intention to get off the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).

Here is a way to move towards that transformation of mind, body and spirit, and to love the delicious adventure. Join the thousands who have discovered the raw-live vegan food experience.

Yes, a live foods vegan life style is a different approach to eating and to living. It is a preparation process that can be more time-consuming, and is definitely life-enhancing. As we renew our health, our vitality, our awareness: aggression may diminish, depression tends to fade, fatigue is often replaced with enthusiasm and a sense of renewed excitement. Instead of feeling lethargic after a meal, we frequently experience more energy. The internal environment moves toward restoration and enzymatic activity flourishes.


11/2 cups grated beets

11/2 cups activated sunflower seeds (to activate: soak overnight in water in the refrigerator, discard water and rinse in the morning)

1 Tbs.. raw tahini

1/2 tsp. dill

1/2 tsp. coriander

1/4th tsp. cayenne (begin with much less)

1/2 tsp. juice and pulp of lemon (feel free to add more)

Blend, preferably in a super blender or a food processor with the s-blade, adding up to 1/4th cup of filtered water until reaching desired consistency. Per Dr. Cousens, beets sweeten, warm and moisten. Recipe from p. 680, updated version of Conscious Eating

Sunshine Appleby RN, CMT, CHT

Sunshine is an alternative healthcare consultant, a masseuse, a live foods chef, and colon hydro-therapist. Through an eclectic approach using stress reduction tools, massage and a variety of other modalities, she assists people in shedding pounds and other undesirable habits. Sunshine coordinates WellSpring of Ojai, California and teaches live food preparation classes. She also creates meals and supervises detoxification processes. WellSpring offers a relaxing space to cleanse and learn new healthy living habits.

For more information, please contact Sunshine at 805-794-1856 or e-mail

Should you want more information on the Live Food Revolution, here are a few web sites, authors and book titles that might be useful: Bon appetite! (Dr.Gabriel Cousens et al) (David Wolf et al). Authors include Gabriel Cousens, David Wolf, Gary Null, HD

Authors:Thoreau, Thomas Berry, Howard Lyman, Wendell Berry, Frances More Lappe, John Robbins, Jim Hightower.

Books: Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, 12 Steps to Eating Raw Food, The Essential Gourmet, The Complete Guide to Sensible Eating, Conscious Eating, Diet For a New America, Thieves in High Places.