Love and joy represent measurably higher rates of vibration of the human energy system than do fear and anger. It can easily be shown that these higher vibrations are life promoting and that the lower vibrations are detrimental to life.

Higher vibrations promote healing, regeneration, transformation, and transcendence.

Lower vibrations promote disease, degeneration, and death.

This is reflected in the balance of hormones in the system, the PH, and condition of the blood. The higher vibratory states can be cultivated by doing things that bring us joy, spending time with people we love, taking good care of ourselves physically, psychologicaly, and spiritualy, etc.

Many times fear and anger can be transmuted to acceptance and kindness, even making the attempt and failing miserabley but consciously can start to break a cycle. Upset, anger and hatred, even righteous indignation harm no one but ourselves. Good diet and fresh air (reasonable exercise in nature) can do wonders for our systems, just as your grandmother could have told you.

Making the system more alkaline by diet, lifestyle change, and other strategies has a profound effect on physical, psychological, and spirtual health.

Blood purifing herbs have traditionaly been used to promte spiritual openings.

The body and biofield are an antenae and when tuned and balanced the human being can receive a huge influx of healing energy from the earth and the cosmos.

All of the devices, techniques, and technologies, listed here are for experimental purposes only. No claims are made as to any results.

Music and Sound are effective and easy to obtain vibrational tools.

More live foods in our diets is a good way to create a dramatic shift.

Nobel Gas Devices These amulets are quite remarkable, almost everyone feels the immediately, now tell me again, why do we call this SUBTLE ENERGY?

Biofield Analysis and Balancing If you are interested in working with subtle energy in an amazingly concrete fashion you should know about the SE-5, and all of the Intrinsic Data Field research that is going on right now.