This documentary contains hundreds of spectacular ORB photos, interviews with Micael Ledwith, Klaus & Gundi Heinemann, J.Z. Knight, James Gilliland, Joan Ocean, Hope & Randy Mead & Sergio Lub. The film will include tips for having your own Orb experiences and how to see Orbs with your naked eyes. The stunning images and interviews are complimented by a celestial soundtrack of harp and flute music.

The veil between dimensions is now lifting, allowing us to see traces of a greater reality. "ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting" shares an experiential portrait of these luminous spheres and explores their relationship to us. This video provides the opportunity for a truly multidimensional experience.


Click here to see a short web movie of Randy Mead holding the Wands of Horus and interacting with energies unseen to the naked eye.

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